Handheld radio-isotope identifiers (RIIDs) based on Symetrica’s Discovery Technology are the detector of choice for the US Government Department of Homeland Security due to exceptional ID performance, ease of use, reliability and through life operational cost.

RadSeeker®: Symetrica Discovery Technology is the Radiation detection and identification OEM Sub-System in the Smiths Detection RadSeeker, The RadSeeker is the detector of choice for the US Government for both the Customs and Border Protection agency and the US Coast Guard based on competitive evaluation of ID performance, ease of use, reliability and through life operational cost.

VeriFinder™: The VeriFinder is the latest handheld RIID from Symetrica. Built with Discovery Technology and incorporating an optional 3He-free neutron detector, the VeriFinder delivers class leading handheld sensitivity.



The range of Discovery Mobile Radiation Portal Monitors is available in van mounted, roof-top and de-mountable configurations, to deliver solutions for a range of applications, including covert screening. Each module is fitted with Symetrica’s rugged 3He-free neutron detectors (6LiZnS) a choice of advanced-PVT (Mobile RPM Radiation Portal Monitors) or state-of-the-art crystal (Mobile sRPM Radiation Portal Monitors) gamma detectors to deliver affordable SNM detection and a dramatic reduction in operational alarms from legitimate Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM), a common challenge for sensitive mobile detection systems.



The range of Discovery Radiation Portal Monitors provide robust high speed screening and NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material) management for people, cars, trucks and containerized cargo. The range includes:

RPM (PVT Radiation Portal Monitor): 3He-free neutron and advanced PVT gamma detection with performance far in excess of ANSI N42.35 and an 84% reduction in operational alarms from Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM).

sRPM (NaI Radiation Portal Monitor): Advanced SNM screening in the presence of strong masking sources with 3He-free neutron and NaI gamma detection providing outstanding NORM management and isotope verification with “HPGe like” performance in an affordable package with low through life costs.

sRPM Personnel: The advanced capabilities of the sRPM in a compact configuration for personnel screening.


3He-Free Neutron Detectors

Symetrica’s ground breaking range of neutron detectors deliver highly scalable, 3He-free technology that addresses the challenges faced by homeland security, military, first responders, safeguards and fissile material detection.

Mobile/RPM: Versatile neutron blade modules for Radiation Portal Monitors and Mobile Detection systems with a plug-&-play interface that replaces 3He neutron counters in new systems and existing applications.

Backpack: Versatile flat panel neutron detector used in market leading backpack systems.

Safeguards: Neutron blades used in safeguards and security applications for the assay and detection of fissile material.


Command, Control and Reachback

Deep Discovery™ software delivers situational awareness to the entire Symetrica Product Range. The software solution monitors and controls our systems in real time and presents detection, classification and verification to key stakeholders at the point of decision.
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